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Improving Your Diet to Better Mental Health

Improving Your Diet to Better Mental Health

Every single day, you might be bombarded with advertisements for the latest fad diet and general misinformation about nutrition. This often leads to what is called ‘Yo-yo’ dieting, where intensive diets fail and the stress from it can cause you to slip back into unhealthy habits. The idea of intensive diets can be harmful and ultimately cause more stress than what the potential benefits are worth. Sometimes this can cause you to develop an eating disorder and have a general negative relationship with food.

A good diet and developing healthy habits by including more nutritious foods in your meals can help improve your mental health. The problem with fad diets is that they do not teach you moderation, they just tell you that some foods are ‘bad’ and you must cut them out entirely. A healthy diet mostly includes a wide range of different food that not only brings better nutrition to your body, but also offers a variety that helps keep your mind stimulated and excited to try different things.

Some Foods Can Impact Your Medication

If you take medications as a way to manage symptoms, some foods will interact negatively with your medication and keep it from being able to do its job. The US Food and Drug Administration as an example, advises people to not eat grapefruit while taking some types of medications, specifically medicines used to treat anxiety.

It has also become rather popular to put charcoal in drinks, often advertised as an anti-oxidant. However, charcoal is a neutralizing agent and is often used to counteract poisons that are accidentally consumed. Eating anything with charcoal in it can outright prevent your medications from working. If you take medications as a regular part of your day, it is important to discuss with your doctor what foods will impact the ability of your body to metabolize medicine.

Nutrition Makes You Feel Good

Eating foods with very little nutrition such as microwave ramen and mac and cheese can cause your body to feel extremely heavy and tired over time. You may find that you may catch illnesses easily. Sometimes you may even find that your hair and skin start to feel brittle. Your body needs a good variety of vitamins and minerals to function properly, and without them, it can feel like you are fighting against a current.

Eating well translates into feeling well. For example, current studies such as Depression and Vitamin D: A Peculiar Relationship, believe that a diet rich in vitamin D can help prevent and reduce symptoms of depression.

A Varied Diet Keeps Your Mind Sharp

As it is commonly said, “variety is the spice of life.” Having something new to look forward to each day can help immensely with your mental health. If you are used to the same things every day, learning how to cook and discover new foods can be exciting for you. Being able to choose what you eat and how you make it is a powerful way to reclaim control of your life. You would be surprised to learn how much of your brain you use when cooking, as creativity and mathematics go hand in hand in this process.

Color can also uplift mood, as you need visual stimulation to keep your mind healthy. Next time you have a meal, try to have a rainbow on your plate made up of fruits and vegetables. You may find it more interesting than more plain and drab foods.

You Don’t Have to Give up What Foods You Like

Seeking foods high in sugar can help you gain immediate energy for various physically demanding tasks. Although, rarely do you need to seek out sources of sugar with such urgency, unless you have a type of illness that requires constant monitoring of blood sugar, such as diabetes.

A healthy diet does not mean you have to cut out all food considered ‘bad’, it just simply needs to be balanced. Eating your favorite snack as a reward can be helpful when undergoing treatment. Eating something you like to look forward to after a tough session can make things easier to endure. When you struggle from day to day, sometimes having something simple, such as serving your favorite ice cream, can help you look forward to a day instead of dreading it.

Doctors Are Here to Help

Sometimes it is best to speak to a nutritionist or other types of doctors who specialized in nutrition. Every person is different, so each diet should be customized to give you the healthiest experience. When you feel better physically, your mental health will improve as well. Sometimes a mental disorder can result from feeling bad, and certain types of foods can reduce these feelings. Eating nutritiously allows you to focus your mind on more positive and helpful things.

A good diet of varied and nutritional foods may impact your mind more than you think. Not everything can be cured by a switch in diet, but it may help alleviate symptoms of a mental disorder and make your body feel better at the same time. If you are interested in trying a change of diet, speak with your doctor.

Figuring out how to balance your mental health and your physical health at the same time can be challenging. It is even more difficult when you are actively seeking treatment. This can cause stress as you struggle to find the right balance to help not only improve your physical health, but also alleviate some symptoms of your mental disorder.

Many people don’t know where to go for accurate information when it comes to nutrition, as the web is full of misinformation. At Acera Health in Costa Mesa, California, trained professionals are waiting to answer whatever questions you may have. We don’t just treat the mental aspects of your disorder, but the physical ones as well. Every treatment plan comes with tools to help you form healthy habits along your road to recovery.

For more nutrition information and how it can help you feel better, call (949)-866-3881 today.


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