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Keeping a First Responder's
Well-Being Our Priority

Frontline Behavioral Wellness

by Acera Health

Frontline Behavioral Wellness is a mental health treatment center for first responders and veterans.

First Responder Treatment in Costa Mesa

First Responder’s include many jobs from law enforcement, corrections, fire fighters, dispatchers, EMT’s, border patrol, district attorney investigators and so on. Each job has its unique level of trauma and exposure with each position held. It is critical to understand the culture in order to serve their specific needs in their mental health.


Here at Frontline Behavioral Wellness, we understand that the alliance between the clinician and first responder is critical in understanding that trust has to be built, there needs to be a sense of vulnerability, and they are in a safe and confidential setting.

Our First Responder Programs

Frontline Behavioral Wellness has assembled a team that is not only culturally competent, but has the ability to assist our First Responders and public safety employees on a path to healing through our innovative therapeutic modalities, by providing a safe therapeutic environment for our hero’s to heal.

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

An immersive healing environment where patients stay at the facility, benefiting from 24/7 care and structured therapeutic routines.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Flexible therapy sessions that let patients maintain daily commitments while accessing consistent therapeutic support as needed.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

A robust therapeutic model requiring multiple sessions weekly, offering deep healing while allowing community integration.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Flexible therapy sessions that let patients maintain daily commitments while accessing consistent therapeutic support as needed.

Conditions in First Responders

Because First Responders’ and public safety employees’ work can involve challenging emergencies such as violence or natural disasters, they may witness trauma or experience secondary trauma from treating victims. There is no single coping tactic that will work for everyone. Understanding and learning new tools on how to deal with trauma and stressful situations will enable first responders to return to work with a renewed sense of control and ability to be successful in their jobs.

Effective Therapy for First Responders

As first responders face unique challenges on the frontlines, it is essential that their therapeutic treatments are specifically tailored to address their distinct experiences. At Frontline Behavioral Wellness, we prioritize therapies that have been proven effective for these heroes. Let’s explore some of these treatments:

CBT is a cornerstone of our therapeutic approach. By helping first responders recognize negative thought patterns and replace them with healthier beliefs, this therapy equips them with tools to combat depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It’s like fine-tuning a radio; by adjusting their thoughts and behaviors, first responders can better manage their reactions to distressing situations.

Sometimes, simply knowing you’re not alone in your struggles can be immensely healing. Group therapy offers a space for first responders to share experiences, provide mutual support, and collectively navigate the challenges of their roles. Think of it as a support group – a circle of trust where shared stories lead to shared healing.

EMDR is a transformative therapy particularly effective for trauma. By simulating rapid eye movements, it aids in reprocessing traumatic memories, gradually diminishing their emotional impact. It’s akin to rewriting a story – revisiting painful memories with a new perspective and lessening their sting.

It’s not just about addressing existing traumas; it’s also about equipping first responders for future challenges. Through stress and crisis management training, they learn to identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and stay grounded during emergencies. Picture it as preparing for a marathon – training the mind and body to endure and thrive amidst challenges.

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Prioritizing the Health of First Responders and Veterans

Our nation’s veterans, after dedicating themselves to serving and protecting, often face an arduous journey upon returning home. At Frontline Behavioral Wellness, we recognize and deeply respect the sacrifices made by these heroes, and we are committed to offering the support they need to reintegrate and heal.

The battlefield leaves an indelible mark on a soldier’s psyche. Veterans frequently confront challenges such as PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, depression, and anxiety. These mental health issues can be compounded by the difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life, such as finding employment or reconnecting with loved ones.

It’s not just about individual treatments. We believe that healing is amplified in a community. Frontline fosters a space where veterans can connect, share their stories, and find mutual support. It’s like having comrades-in-arms, but this time, in the journey towards mental well-being.