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Why Orange County

The beautiful, golden coastline of southern California serves as the perfect location for Acera Heath’s facilities. Our goal of breaking barriers and shining a light on the road to healing and wholeness is embodied in our cozy, at-home setting. We believe health facilities should offer only the highest levels of care, and this is the sort of thought we put into our treatment programs in Costa Mesa, California.

At our facilities, you’ll find:

Costa Mesa

It can be beneficial for one’s mental health to visit a treatment facility where one knows they will be taken good care of. And in this day and age, mental health is of the utmost importance. Acera Health knows how prevalent mental illness is among Americans and how vital it is to have the proper care for it.

As many as one in every five Americans experiences mental illness. These mental disorders include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia

With this increasing commonality of mental illness, interventions such as residential care have helped provide more comprehensive and focused treatment. Compared to outpatient services which could involve more challenges, residential mental facilities are game changers. There are many luxury mental health treatment programs available to those that need help. Luxury mental health facilities have been at the forefront of cheerleading this revolution on how mental health disorders are dealt with.

What is a Luxury Mental Health Facility?

Luxury rehab centers are treatment centers where evidence-based therapy, residential mental health treatment amenities, and state-of-the-art health care are combined to care for clients. In addition, the luxury treatment center should be able to evoke beauty, peace, and serenity to calm a mentally ill individual. The luxurious aspect of the treatment center is based on how patients are cared for. In addition, the treatment interventions’ holistic effectiveness is also considered.  

If you are in California, Acera Health is the peak of luxury mental health recovery. Acera Health can develop customized treatment options ideal for anyone struggling with various mental health disorders. Centers like Acera have the availability of luxury amenities and top-notch healthcare services. Acera can also offer a high staff-to-patient ratio which is critical in handling mental health disorders. 

Our Luxury Mental Health Facilities

When dealing with any mental health issue, Acera facilities ensure that every patient gets the space and time to heal. The center has amenities and services such as physical therapy, massage therapy, art therapy, counseling, personal training, and yoga. 

Another important detail at our luxury mental health facility that stands out is the availability of different treatment options. As a result, each client can acquire specialized care based on what works best for them.

Why Did We Choose California?

The serene and calming effect of the California coastline offers beautiful views and a humbling atmosphere. The setting serves as the perfect place for recovery. Our goal at Acera is to ensure that recovery and treatment feel as luxurious and supportive as possible. 

At Acera, we believe that high levels of care and treatment fuel the path to a sound mind, body, and soul. This is what our clients experience at our facilities in Costa Mesa, California, located in Southern California. 

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What Can You Expect from Our Luxury Treatment Facilities?

One of the best ways that luxury treatment programs meet the ultimate goal of healthcare is by using daily schedules. These schedules include practical experiences, therapies, and other activities focused on mental stability. Therefore, routines are the first thing people should expect from luxury mental health facilities. 

Here are some of the specifics you can access through Acera Health:

Cheerful mornings

Each morning starts with breakfast to energize clients, followed by personal reflection. Personal reflection can include journaling and planning of new day’s goals. Next, the client can engage in different activities, including physical therapy, talk therapy, and other activities.

Productive afternoons

 During this time, a sense of community can be created by having the clients take lunch in groups. This is followed by group therapy which will likely help each patient connect and open up to others. It’s one of the essential parts of treatment programs and recovery among mental health patients.

Peaceful evenings

This can be a sensitive time for patients. One should expect dinner accompanied by holistic therapy practices that help develop the individual. During this time, one can talk with peers. Everything should end with a personal reflection and journaling of the following day’s activities.

One of the best ways that luxury treatment centers meet the ultimate goal of healthcare is by using daily schedules. These schedules include practical experiences, therapies, and other activities focused on mental disorder treatment. Therefore, routines are the first thing people should expect from luxury mental health facilities. 

Here are some of the specifics you can access through Acera Health:

Benefits of Our Luxury Mental Health Facilities

Coupled with residential treatment, luxury mental health centers play an important role in helping mental health patients. Some of the essential benefits enjoyed by clients include:

Individualized treatment plans

In many mental health treatments, long-term wellness is always the goal of personalized treatment plans. Each luxury mental health center should develop comprehensive assessment and care plans. This should happen during the first several sessions to ensure individualized care.

Low patient-to-staff ratio

Instead of attempting to recover in a hectic environment, luxury mental health centers take fewer patients while promising a full-swing availability of therapists, psychologists, and other mental health practitioners.

High-end amenities and accommodation

A significant benefit of luxury mental health facilities is the availability of luxurious and comfortable accommodations. This environment allows the patient to focus on mental and physical recovery without worrying. 

Long-term care amenities that foster recovery

Being high-end facilities, amenities focus on care delivery and the quality of care. In addition, each therapy should be focused on attaining long-term wellness.

A sense of community

At Acera, clients should expect a welcoming community focused on ensuring everyone feels at home and access available care plans. This sense of community helps build the path to successful healing.

Different treatment options

Luxury health care offers a wide range of treatment options for people with mental health concerns. These include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), individual therapy sessions, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), support groups, and medication-assisted treatment.

Premier Mental Health Care


Acera’s transformative mental health care facilities are perfect our intensive outpatient programs (IOP) in both terms of healing and fulfillment. If you or a loved one are currently in the middle of a mental health crisis, the answer you need might lie in Acera’s client-centered, individualized solutions.

We offer a range of mental health treatment, helping patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, and other psychiatric disorders.

Overall, luxury mental health ensures that the patients get 24/7 health service and are well handled even after recovery. Focusing on post-treatment transition and recovery is essential to guarantee long-term wellness.

Come on a Luxury Mental Health Retreat with Acera

At Acera Health, our luxury mental health facility has individualized care plans committed to helping people with mental health conditions. No one has to experience the pain and frustrations of dealing with mental health alone. We recognize that when most people go through a mental illness, they may fail to recognize it as a disorder. Hence, such individuals remain secluded and lonely, which shouldn’t be the case. 

At Acera, we offer clients evidence-based treatment and high-end services. We aim to ensure that our clients can achieve long-term recovery and wellness.  We are your home to grow your mind, body, and soul. 

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