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Group therapy in Orange County can be an effective treatment for several mental disorders, including but not limited to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma, and anxiety. Likewise, group therapy is a highly effective method for dealing with these issues, both in outpatient and residential treatment settings.

At Acera Mental Health, we provide clients with a warm, welcoming, and safe place to find the motivation to open up, share and connect with others dealing with similar issues. Our compassionate and caring therapist works to equip our clients with the tools and coping skills to manage their conditions and improve their overall well-being.

Why Do We Provide Mental Health Services?

Mental illnesses are among the most severe health conditions impacting Californians. Recent studies estimate that slightly over 1.2 million adults in California have a serious mental illness, with another 1 million adults suffering moderate mental conditions. Mental illness impacts not only the person experiencing it but also their loved ones and the broader community. The effects of mental health conditions can ripple through relationships, causing strain and difficulties for family members who may struggle to provide support and care.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy targets specific groups of patients sharing similar symptoms and diagnoses. The sessions are led by a qualified therapist in an open environment that encourages participants to speak out and express their issues.

With group therapy, patients develop communication and socialization skills and better self-awareness by listening to and empathizing with others with similar issues. Group therapy meetings are designed to be either open or closed. Usually, new participants are free to join open sessions anytime.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy has several benefits over other therapy types. These include:

Provide support

Hearing from others with similar issues helps patients see that their problems are not exclusive to them. Whether grappling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or any other mental health issue, many people find relief and comfort in the kind of support offered by peers.

Offers a Sounding Board

For many people living with mental health disorders, finding their voice is difficult. Group sessions offer a safe place to express issues and be heard. Hearing from others how one comes across can be a powerful way for patients to get a range of perspectives regarding their situation. This can help them deal with their problems in an objective way.

Promotes Social Skills

Groups, by nature, are social settings that foster a sense of belonging while enhancing communication and interactive skills. Group therapy teaches patients how to navigate situations and relationships with others. Engaging with others helps them practice being in various social situations. This is especially instrumental in helping patients with social anxiety, and depression to find a comfort zone.

Provides Motivation

Hearing how others successfully overcome their illness or how they confronted an issue can motivate one and propel them toward recovery. Experts reveal most patients are motivated to push themselves harder when they see what other members are doing to solve similar issues.

Role Modeling

Group members may also serve as role models for the other members. When members observe how someone successfully coped with a similar problem, they realize there is hope for recovery. As each person makes steps towards recovery, they, in turn, serve as role models and support figures for others.

Types of Group Therapy We Offer

Several different types of group therapies exist, with varying treatment models. The following are the five most common types of group therapy:

Psychotherapy Groups

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Psychotherapy group therapy is anchored on the understanding relationships that people nurture are crucial to regulate several aspects of life. The groups focus on the specific things members can do here and now to form a cohesive group where each member can freely share their wins and setbacks in a safe and supportive environment. Psychotherapy therapy is effective for people dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and eating disorders.

Cognitive Therapy Groups

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These groups leverage cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other related styles to help members identify specific patterns of behavior that trigger their issues. During the sessions, therapists work with clients to control their thought processes and provide them with the tools they need to cope with stressors and triggers. CBT is highly effective for drug treatment and a horde of mental health issues.

Psychoeducational Groups

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Psychoeducational group therapy aims to educate group members regarding their conditions. It provides information specific to their problem and equips patients with healthy coping strategies to help members overcome the problems they are facing. Psychoeducational group therapy is ideal for specific conditions such as phobias, anxiety, and substance use disorders.

Skills Development Groups

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Skills development groups provide skills to help members overcome their issues. During the session, members practice with each other and observe others using the same skills to tackle their conditions. Common topics and skills learned are broad. Examples are how to distress and relax, avoid triggers, and refuse offers of drugs.

Mutual Self-help Groups

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These are one of the most common, effective, and popular types of group therapy outside of an intensive treatment program. These groups comprise people sharing common issues and a common goal. The sessions are done in large and small groups and other meeting types outside residential treatment. An excellent example of a self-help group is the Alcoholics Anonymous group.

See What We’ve Done for Others

Successful trauma therapy involves a combination of tactics with an individualized approach to each patient. At Acera Health, we seek to only implement evidence-based therapy options with a proven track record.

Chris C.
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“Acera Health has led me down a path of self discovery and healing. With the genuine care and support of all their staff, I have unlocked so many skills I never thought I had. With these skills comes the unlocked potential to continue to live the life I have truly always deserved.”
Harriet N.
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“Everyone at Acera is so professional, kind, caring and overall wonderful. Their program helped my son regain his laughter and love of life. After completing the program he has the tools to deal with issues when they arrive before getting overwhelmed. It is so amazing to have my funny, loving, caring son back.”
Spencer A.
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“The short version of the story is that Acera Health saved my life. Hand's down, 100%, no one that knows me would say anything different. I recently completed 145 days of their program, going from PHP down to OP levels of care. I was completely given my life back.”

Conditions Treated with Group Therapy

Group therapy is sometimes used alone or integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan, including individual therapy. Group therapy can help treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

CBT can also be useful for relieving stress due to other medical conditions, including chronic pain. It can either work alone or in combination with other therapies, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, and trauma therapy. CBT is used with other forms of therapy to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment.

See How Acera Makes a Difference

We live in busy, stressful, and depressing times that take a toll on our mental health. Untreated mental health conditions make it difficult for the individual to carry out daily activities, thus causing unnecessary disability, unemployment, homelessness, and related problems. There is no shame in finding help for issues and conditions that loved ones struggle with.

Group therapy is one of the most effective treatment options one can explore when it comes to mental health issues. However, to optimize the benefits of the treatment, one must find a group that they are comfortable with.

Acera Health is Orange County’s premier residential and outpatient facility helping thousands of clients tackle their mental health issues. We offer highly differentiated group therapy programs, each focused on a patient’s specific needs. Our programs are intensive, result oriented, and proven to provide better long-term recovery.

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