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Mental Health is a complex topic and it affects everyone differently, though there are common issues individuals face. Browse our Mental Health blog to find information and tips that may be more relevant to you or your loved one.


Bipolar Disorder Type I vs. Type II

Experiencing emotional highs and lows is a regular part of the human experience. However, for some people, these highs and lows are more than just …

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How Depression Affects the Brain

Depression is the world’s top cause of disability. However, there’s still much to be uncovered with this pathology. This condition is much more than simply …

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Can Substance Abuse and Depression Co-Occur?

Not only can substance abuse and depression co-occur; they frequently do. When a person is diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder and depression (or another …

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OCD & Depression: How Are They Related?

An estimated 1.2 percent of American adults have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Are you one of them?  Obsessive-compulsive disorder on its own can be debilitating, but …

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Social Anxiety vs. Avoidant Personality Disorder

In today’s age, good mental health is increasingly recognized as an essential aspect of a balanced lifestyle. While new discoveries about the brain are being …

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Coping With The Seasons: Dealing With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Hell and the holidays may be quite similar, for some. 77% of Americans say that they have a very hard time relaxing during the holidays.  …

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