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Acera Health is a leading mental and behavioral health treatment facility in Orange County, Southern California. Our experienced clinical team uses a variety of tactics, including dialectical behavior therapy to address mental health conditions and initiate successful recovery.

From comprehensive residential treatment to effective outpatient programs, Acera Health helps patients battle complex problems by setting up a personalized course of treatment. Getting professional assistance is a major step toward leading a fulfilling life.

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy or DBT is a type of behavior therapy designed to help people who experience intense emotions. DBT attempts to give a person insights into their thought patterns so that they can understand their decision-making process. By learning how to change their approach to thinking about a certain problem or event, patients learn how to control emotions and change their behavior.

Benefits of Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Suicide Prevention

One of the key DBT applications is the treatment of borderline personality disorder and addressing suicidal behavior in adolescents. However, therapists also use it to help patients with other mental health conditions.

Flexibility in Treatment Programs

Dialectical behavior therapy can work well on its own or in combination with other treatment options, such as CBT, group therapy, and medication. Implementation of DBT depends on the patient's personal needs, co-existing conditions, responsiveness to previous treatment, and more.

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Supportive Environment

Southern California is a perfect place for mental health treatment and recovery thanks to its mild climate. By choosing the right facility, a patient dives into a relaxing atmosphere that supports their willingness to heal.


For people who struggle with mental health issues, seeking medical assistance can be complicated. The stigma that surrounds mental health can play a major role. At Acera Health, we nurture a treatment center that accepts everyone for who they are.

Conditions Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Treat

DBT can address a variety of mental health conditions that involve difficulties controlling, regulating, and managing emotions. The number of DBT sessions a person may need depends on many factors, including the condition, willingness to work with emotions, co-occurring disorders, inpatient vs outpatient setting, and more.

DBT therapy usually takes several months to complete. However, many patients tend to notice effects after several sessions.

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How Does DBT Work?

Dialectical in DBT means two opposing elements being true simultaneously. It focuses on helping a person accept the reality of their condition and learn how to adjust to it without decreasing the quality of life. This evidence-based treatment is effective at building tolerance skills and healthy outlets to express emotions.

DBT is a set of techniques that help patients gain valuable skills to deal with their condition, negative emotions, and distressing thoughts. These skills can play a major role in treating a variety of mental health conditions and achieving a successful recovery.

The four elements of dialectical behavioral therapy are:

This technique allows a person to focus on living in the present moment instead of worrying about the future, anticipating problems, or going back to the traumatic past. Since no one can predict the future, and the past is already gone, patients understand that they have control over the present moment and learn how to think positively. Mindfulness skills are one of the cornerstones for mental health.

Patients learn how to manage and mitigate intense emotions that cause negative thinking and behavioral issues. After analyzing and understanding the reasons behind emotions, they acquire specific skills that help with emotional regulation.

This element focuses on social relationships, helps patients analyze another person’s needs, and learn how to say “no.” Essentially, this is a boundary-setting technique that also teaches patients not to assume things about other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Patients learn how to cope with the problem especially when they can’t do anything to change it. This improves their capacity to withstand negativity and deal with intense emotions.

See What We’ve Done for Others

Successful trauma therapy involves a combination of tactics with an individualized approach to each patient. At Acera Health, we seek to only implement evidence-based therapy options with a proven track record.

Chris C.
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“Acera Health has led me down a path of self discovery and healing. With the genuine care and support of all their staff, I have unlocked so many skills I never thought I had. With these skills comes the unlocked potential to continue to live the life I have truly always deserved.”
Harriet N.
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“Everyone at Acera is so professional, kind, caring and overall wonderful. Their program helped my son regain his laughter and love of life. After completing the program he has the tools to deal with issues when they arrive before getting overwhelmed. It is so amazing to have my funny, loving, caring son back.”
Spencer A.
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“The short version of the story is that Acera Health saved my life. Hand's down, 100%, no one that knows me would say anything different. I recently completed 145 days of their program, going from PHP down to OP levels of care. I was completely given my life back.”

Find Healing with Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Orange County

Cognitive behavior therapy is just one of the treatment options for patients with mental health disorders. Regardless of the condition, it’s possible to come up with an effective therapy combination. For many people struggling with mental health issues, effective treatment is essential for long-term recovery. 

At Acera Health, an experienced clinical team is always available to help patients step on the road to recovery. Our trained cognitive behavioral therapists have proven experience in treating patients with co-occurring mental health disorders. By taking full advantage of CBT and other therapies, it’s possible to keep mental health conditions under control and improve the quality of life.

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