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PTSD Symptoms in Men


There is a tendency among some men to want to hide their genuine emotions and feelings about any particular issue. They are sometimes less interested in opening up about their feelings based on how they were socialized. 

Even because their personality demands that they not share their inner thoughts and dialogue with anyone they don’t feel like they can trust. 

Sadly, that list can be rather lengthy for some men. Fortunately, research is progressing on PTSD symptoms in men, and it may illuminate some ways that men can be helped. Learn more about PTSD treatment in Orange County with Acera Health. 

What is PTSD? 

PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. The American Psychological Association describes PTSD as a disorder that can occur in people involved in a traumatic event. These events may include natural disasters, a severe accident, an act of terror or violence, war/combat, rape or sexual violence, threats of death, and serious injuries.

What we know about PTSD is that its symptoms can potentially flare up at any time, and it is often experienced by those who have gone through something particularly traumatic, but the definition of what is traumatic for one person may not be seen the same way by another. Therefore, it is important to understand the various psychological experiences and how people will likely react to them. 

What Kind of Symptoms Might a Man Experience with PTSD?

It is unreasonable to say that all men will experience PTSD in exactly the same ways, but it is worth noting what many sufferers have experienced over the years. Getting a handle on what the most common types of experiences are for men suffering from PTSD is a great way to recognize the symptoms that they may be dealing with and figure out what can be done about it. 


A classic symptom of PTSD is that the sufferer will experience flashbacks to an experience that caused them a great deal of personal pain. The feeling and emotions associated with that experience are something they just can’t seem to get past, and it may cause them to flashback to the moments during or right before something dramatic happened to them. 

Many who suffer PTSD from serving in combat suffer from flashbacks and end up needing extra help when it comes to getting through this particular issue.

Flashbacks are often described as feeling like you are living through the trauma again. However, flashbacks are more than just a memory. People who experience flashbacks also re-live the trauma’s emotional and physical feelings and sensations. For example, people who have endured abuse may have flashbacks where they feel as though their abuser is with them at the moment.   

It can be extremely difficult for someone suffering from a flashback to determine the difference between your current reality and the past that you have dealt with. This is why it is essential for those struggling with PTSD flashbacks to receive professional support. The right support can help people navigate these sometimes confusing and difficult flashbacks. 

Always on Edge

Many PTSD sufferers state that they feel like they must remain always on edge to prevent additional pain from being inflicted on them. The state of being always on edge can add additional stress into the life of someone who is just trying to make it through their day. It may also make it more challenging than ever to get oneself out of the sense of impending doom that often accompanies the feeling of always being on edge. 


More than a few men are known to isolate themselves when they experience periods of intense pain. They are trying to do everything within their power to keep themselves from experiencing even more pain and trauma. Unfortunately, while isolation may feel like the right response to take in the moment, it often makes the situation just a bit worse for them overall. 

The problem with isolation is that it results in not being able to seek the help that a person requires just to move forward with their day. When people keep themselves apart from others, they don’t necessarily get the professional help that they ultimately require to take care of their symptoms. 

Emotional Regulation Issues

There are some people who experience intense emotions as a result of their PTSD, and they may feel as if they are unable to manage those emotions. It is very challenging for someone who is going through something like this to understand why they are experiencing such intense emotions. 

It is so very important to make sure that anyone who is having an experience like this be given the opportunity to speak with a professional about the emotions that they are going through and how they can potentially handle them. It is a very challenging thing to constantly deal with emotions that people feel they are unable to control. 

Get Treatment for PTSD in Men with Acera Health

People who suffer from PTSD may need extra assistance in order to cope with this situation. There is not a single solution that will work for every person and every situation, but there are professional therapists who can help PTSD sufferers to figure out what concrete steps they can take towards a better future. 

Our PTSD treatment center in Orange County can help individuals manage and cope with their symptoms by using a number of different treatments and therapies such as: 

Acera can help those with PTSD learn to manage their symptoms and find recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help. 


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