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Is It Okay to Not Be Okay?

Is It Ok to Not Be Ok?

In today’s society, with social media and pop culture, we sometimes feel like we always have to be perfect. We feel like we have to live up to the perfect Instagram aesthetic and live this perfect life. We have to have a good job, be the perfect parent, we have to drive nice cars, and act as if we have it together 100% of the time. That is just not realistic and puts these imaginary expectations on us. This causes us to put on a fake face to show the world that we are okay and our lives are great.

What if we aren’t okay? What if life is not always perfect? What if sometimes I hate my job and sometimes I’m not a great parent? What if I don’t fit into that perfect Instagram aesthetic? It is okay to not be okay.

It Is Okay to Cry

Crying is a natural response to stress, and it’s good for you. Crying can help you feel better about tough situations, release emotions that are bottled up inside of you, or express that you’re tired from trying to be strong all the time. You don’t need any reason or justification for crying. It just happens sometimes, and there’s no shame in letting yourself go through those moments when they occur.

A good cry can show how much emotion you’re holding back or repressing during stressful times. It’s important not only because it feels good but also because it helps release tension from various parts of your body. Especially if you’ve been holding in tears while they form behind your eyes all day long.

It Is Okay to Take a Day Off

You are allowed to take a day off. It is okay to do so. You are not a bad person if you need to take a mental health day, and you’re not either. Mental health comes first. Your well-being will help determine the quality of your work. This metric in turn can affect your job performance as well as your relationships with coworkers, employers, or customers.

The corporate world teaches that work comes before everything else, and that is simply not the case. It is okay if you take that day off. Work will still be there when you get back. You deserve to take time for yourself when you need it. 

It Is Okay to Ask For Help

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength and hope. It shows that you know there are people out there who care about you and are willing to help in any way they can. Here are some tips on what to say when asking for help:

  • “I’m not okay, can we talk?”
  • “Can you do something for me to make my load a little bit easier?”
  • “Are you available to hang out so we can talk about things?”

If these questions seem too awkward or difficult to say out loud, try writing them down or even texting them so it makes the conversation easier.

It Is Okay to Tell Them No

If your family or friends are making you feel guilty about not doing everything they want you to do, know that it is okay to tell them no. It is okay to say no to things that you don’t want to do or aren’t able to do. You are allowed to say no without feeling guilty about saying no.

Your family and friends may try and make you feel guilty because they want the best for you or because they think that maybe it will be good for you. Really, though, guilt-tripping is their own issue that needs dealing with, not yours.

With saying no, there also comes a feeling of self-confidence. You may be a person that gets overwhelmed and takes on too many things by saying yes to everything. There is empowerment in the word no. It helps you have more control of your life and your mental health.

It Is Okay to Take Care of Yourself

We all know the importance of taking care of ourselves. However, it can be difficult to prioritize self-care when we are preoccupied with other things, like work and family.

It is important to remember that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. While self-care may seem like an indulgence in times when life gets busy and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You might find that simple things like making time for a walk outside or taking some deep breaths will help bring your stress levels down and make you feel better physically as well as mentally.

Today’s world tries to tell us we have to be perfect, but we need to change that narrative. We need to change the story that says we need to put everything and everyone above our mental health. But that is not good for you. We are here to tell you that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to need help. It is okay to take time for you. It is okay to tell your boss you are taking a mental health day. It is okay for you to prioritize yourself. If you or someone you know might not be okay, please reach out to us. We want to help you get back to feeling like yourself and living a life that makes you happy and fulfilled. We are here for you. Please give us a call at Acera Health at (949) 647-4090.


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