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Can a Daily Holistic Approach Improve My Mental Wellness?

Can a Daily Holistic Approach Improve My Mental Wellness?

Mental wellness is not often at the forefront of most people’s minds in our busy society, but it should be. It is important not only because of how we feel, but because it affects more than just our feelings. Our mental health affects our bodies and our spirit as well. Neglecting one over the others often leads to a mental health disorder or illness.

Sometimes people may not have the time or resources to get professional mental health care right away. There may even be people who don’t know what mental wellness is, let alone how to practice it. Education is key, and it doesn’t take much to get someone on the path to a healthier and more holistic approach to mental wellness.

What It Means to Practice Mental Wellness

Mental wellness doesn’t just focus on how well we function in a cognitive sense or our emotional state. It also focuses on the whole of ourselves and how we connect to the world around us. A person must be able to function in daily life and cope with stress and hardships. It also means forming healthy social relationships. We even require a spiritual connection to something. This can range widely, from faith in the goodness of ourselves or others to a connection to nature, or even religion. All of this is necessary to keep ourselves mentally well and engaged in our lives.

When we practice mental wellness, it requires a sense of awareness that takes time to hone. You need to learn about yourself most of all and recognize what it takes to keep you well. Are you struggling with depression because you feel isolated and alone? What about your feelings? How well are you dealing with a rapidly approaching deadline? Do you feel excited to meet each day, or are you filled with anxiety? These are important things to keep track of, and sometimes it’s helpful to keep a diary or journal to record your thoughts. This can come in handy with the next part of mental wellness.

Practicing mental wellness involves learning the skills you need to cope with life. People are not just born with these skills, they are something that must be learned with time. These skills are not often taught in school and sometimes must be learned with the help of a mental health care professional. Mental health care facilities like Acera Health are more than happy to help anyone learn the healthy skills they need to succeed in life. It’s as easy as making a phone call and setting up an appointment. A skilled professional can help you find what you need with less stress than searching for information on your own.

Mental wellness is learning, changing, and adapting, all of which work well with a holistic approach to mental health care treatment.

Understanding the Holistic Approach

Holistic medicine is a philosophy where all the aspects of a person must be treated together to heal. This includes the body, the mind, and the spirit. When one part is in trouble, the others are in trouble too. For example, when we are depressed, it can cause physical pain in our digestive system. When we are in pain, it makes it hard to connect to the world around us.

Utilizing a holistic approach to mental health is easier than one might think. Imagine a person struggling with depression. They may undergo psychotherapy to understand the source of their depression. Being encouraged to eat a diet high in vitamin D (which helps produce serotonin) and exercise (which released endorphins) may also be part of the treatment. If the area permits it, they may also be encouraged to engage in nature therapy. With all three aspects of a person being treated, someone will likely achieve recovery from their mental health disorder.

Holistic treatments also work alongside conventional treatments, as they are quite flexible and easily incorporated. The same can be said when it comes to mental wellness. Knowing that your body and your spirit are important to your mind is helpful. This can help you make life changes that will benefit your mental health. For example, you may make a goal to eat a serving of vegetables every day. You may learn how to meditate and use it to help you sort through your emotions. Joining a club or other social group not only satisfies your spirit but your need for healthy social connections.

Where to Go for More Information About Mental Wellness

For many people, the internet is a normal part of everyday life. There is a ton of information about mental health and wellness out there, but you should be careful. Go to websites with .gov or .edu in the URL. These are accredited sources, with .gov belonging to official government agencies, and .edu belonging to universities and other educational institutions that often participate in mental health research and study. Browsing official websites, such as the National Institute of Mental Health, is a quick way to research mental health topics.

The best place to learn about mental wellness, however, is from an accredited mental health care facility, such as Acera Health. There, they can walk you through the best ways to maintain your mental health and wellness. Mental health care facilities contain several useful resources. A few examples are book recommendations, support group contacts, and information on upcoming mental health lectures.

Perhaps the most important resource is the people that work there. These are compassionate individuals who care about your mental health. Becoming a client doesn’t mean just treatment alone. It means having someone in your corner who genuinely wants you to succeed. If you are struggling with your mental health and wellness, call your local mental health care facility right away. They can help guide you in the next steps on your mental health journey.

In order to be healthy, a person must look after their whole self. Our bodies and minds run together like a machine. When one part has a problem, everything else is affected too. When people struggle with their mental health, they are also struggling physically, socially, and spiritually. Thankfully, you don’t have to try to fix everything on your own. There are people waiting to help you. Here at Acera Health in Costa Mesa, California, we offer a holistic approach to treatment to help you find healing for your whole self. We employ compassionate mental health care professionals that can help you achieve recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health, call (949) 647-4090 today.

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