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How Does Acera Health Use Alternative Treatments to Help Clients?

How Does Acera Health Use Alternative Treatments to Help Clients?

When someone thinks about alternative treatment, they may think of smoke and mirrors. However, this is far from the truth. Many types of alternative treatments are backed by science and are recognized for the good they do when contemporary medicine isn’t enough. Most are even FDA-approved and covered by some insurance companies.

Contemporary medicine includes medical procedures that are the most widely recognized by the medical community. Psychotherapy and psychiatric medication are the most common examples. Alternative treatment refers to treatments that are effective but not as widely recognized by the medical community.

Mostly this is because many forms of alternative treatments are new, only existing for a few decades or even less time. Despite the scientific backing, some treatment centers are reluctant to make use of these forms of treatment.

However, Acera Health has no such bias over the treatments they offer. If medication and psychotherapy aren’t enough, they will help find treatments that will work for their client. Thankfully, there are many types of alternative treatments to choose from, all of which are safe and effective.

Common Examples of Alternative Treatments

As mentioned, the reason why alternative treatments exist is that our understanding of mental health is constantly changing. At this moment, there are dedicated mental health professionals conducting research, performing studies, and observing mental health trends. They use this data to further understand how our brain functions and why we develop mental health disorders. In the efforts to discover the best way to treat these disorders, new alternative forms of treatments are discovered.

One such treatment is neurofeedback therapy. This type of alternative treatment involves attaching electrodes to a person’s scalp. Then it displays a person’s brain waves on a computer screen. By visibly seeing their brain at work, they can practice calming techniques to aid the symptoms of an anxiety-based disorder.

Depression can sometimes be resistant to conventional forms of treatment. However, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy offers hope to many people who are struggling. This type of alternative treatment makes use of magnetic pulses to specific areas of the brain. Doing this helps restore function to parts of the brain that may not be functioning correctly, which may be causing depression.

Some types of alternative treatment aren’t as complicated as others. A good example of this is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. This type of alternative treatment is typically used for those who struggle with trauma. It involves using specific eye moments or listening to sound cues while recalling a memory. This way, it lessens the effect of the memory on the person who experienced it, allowing them to talk about it without becoming re-traumatized.

Of course, more forms of alternative treatments exist, but these three are perhaps the most widely offered in the country. All three are offered at Acera Health. More types of alternative treatments are being discovered each year, so don’t be surprised if this list gets longer over the next decade.

Why Choose Alternative Treatment?

People choose alternative treatments because they work. For many people with treatment-resistant mental health disorders, alternative treatments offer hope for recovery. When conventional treatments are not enough, alternative treatments can fill in the gaps. Alternative treatment is flexible enough to complement many treatment plans as well.

In other cases, someone may want to not use psychiatric medication as part of their treatment plan. Some types of mental health disorders do require a medication regimen to manage, but not all of them do. It’s up to the individual and their psychiatrist to determine if medication will be helpful as a part of the treatment. Sometimes alternative treatments can be used to lessen the amount of medication a person needs to take.

Others may choose alternative treatments to help further the understanding of mental health in general. When someone undergoes alternative treatment, they allow themselves to be observed by mental healthcare professionals. This allows them to make improvements, or even discover aspects of mental health through the observation of an individual’s treatment.

Regardless of why someone chooses alternative treatment or not, it’s their choice alone. Nobody can force anyone into a treatment that they don’t want to do. Choosing this form of treatment for any reason is valid.

What Do to Next

If you would like to try an alternative form of treatment, speak with your treatment provider. Sometimes they will offer suggestions on what alternative treatments might help you. You can even research on your own and request a specific form of treatment. However, not all mental health care facilities offer all types of alternative treatment. It’s important to call ahead and ask if you are sure you’d like to try an alternative form of treatment to see if they offer it.

You also should speak with your doctor before trying some forms of alternative treatments. For example, having metal implants in your skull or being prone to seizures will make TMS unsafe. Working closely with your physician and mental healthcare provider will help determine the safest forms of treatment for yourself.

As more research is done on mental health, so, too, are the requests for individuals to participate in a clinical trial or study. Sometimes they request healthy individuals to participate as part of a control group. In other instances, they may ask for participants with specific mental health disorders. If you would like to participate in such trials or studies, contact your local mental health care facility.

When people get treatment for a mental health disorder, they most commonly receive contemporary treatment. Usually, this means psychotherapy or even medication. However, there are more options out there that can help someone when contemporary medicine isn’t enough. Here at Acera Health in Costa Mesa, California, we offer several types of treatments besides just what is contemporary. Alternative forms of medicine have helped many people achieve recovery from their mental health disorder. By offering more options, we help you find the right treatment plan to suit your unique needs. If you or someone you love is struggling with a mental health disorder, don’t wait. Call (949) 647-4090 today to speak with one of our compassionate mental health professionals.

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